Our Mission

Renewable Sonoma was founded on the belief that we need to process our organics in-county. Our farmers, landscapers and backyard gardeners deserve high quality composts and mulches that meet the needs of the community at an affordable price.

Renewable Sonoma goes beyond what Sonoma Compost was providing. We intend to continue the tradition of Sonoma Compost by providing a diverse line of products that you all have come to rely upon. Renewable Sonoma is adding a renewable energy component to the facility. A fraction of the green can and commercial food scraps will be processed in an anaerobic digestion plant to produce over 1 MW of green energy. The remaining organics from the anaerobic plant are then composted into a high-quality soil amendment.

Renewable Sonoma has put forth a proposal to this end to the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA). The SCWMA evaluation team has achieved consensus to make the recommendation to the SCWMA Board to pursue an agreement with Renewable Sonoma. See organics agenda item of agenda package for more details of this process. Stay tuned by visiting this website for updates.

Education and Outreach

Renewable Sonoma will implement a strong community outreach and education program to increase organics diversion from the landfill, obtain clean feedstocks, promote healthy soils and cabon farming, help implement the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance ( MWELO ), present workshops on composting, etc.

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