Learning Center

Renewable Sonoma believes that education is one of the key pillars to support a successful organics recycling program. Visit this page regularly to find out about workshops, classes, informational videos, etc.

Will Bakx will be presenting the healthy soils and carbon sequestration sections of the next online Rescape Design Qualification Training


A strong, resilient, regenerative agricultural community lies at the foundation of a successful organics recycling facility. That includes the recyling of agricultural discards. We can process them at a centralized facility or they can be recycled on-farm. Our team has been long-time supporters of on-farm composting and we have translated that support into action by offering workshops, speaking at conferences and teaching agricultural composting at the SRJC Shone Farm.

Agricultural Composting Class Susag 103 is offered at the SRJC Shone Farm (select Fall 2020 > S > Sustainable Agriculture > Susag 103). This class also welcomes backyard gardeners and landscapers. All of our organics are now shipped out of County. Why not learn how to compost your own? Offered online due to the Coronavirus closure of the campus August 31 - October 11. The course is self paced. The class is taught by our own soil scientist Will Bakx.

Carbon Farming. Renewable Sonoma will play an active role in promoting soil health and carbon farming./gardening in our community. Our soil scientist Will Bakx works closely together with the Marin Carbon Project, which has now expanded to a state level. Learn more about carbon farming with compost in the video below.

Shone Farm Compost